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Your First Aviation Interview

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Your First Aviation Interview

During the first few minutes of the interview be prepared to be asked some common-ground questions. How you greet the employer, the firmness of your handshake, the way you are groomed and dressed, will all be a part of this initial impression. To help you feel at ease, a practiced interviewer might ask about shared interests or acquaintances, or your travel to the interview. Some interviewers might start by saying, Tell me about yourself, an opening for you to concisely describe your background, skills, and interest in the position.

Throughout the rest of the interview you will be asked many different questions that are specifically chosen by the interviewer to find out exactly what they need to know about you. This is their "screening process", to thin out the long list of applicants they have on their list. The average time frame of the interview is about 20-60 minutes.

Online Interavtive Practice Interview

The Avjobs Applicant System has an Online Interavtive Practice Interview to help polish your interviewing skills. Spending 30 minutes a week practicing your interview skills is critical. The staff at Avjobs along with other industry wide personnel offices agree, the interview can make or break an applicant regardless of experience or training. It has been the experience of Avjobs and its employees that there is a "best" preparatory procedure for interviews.

The Avjobs Online Interavtive Practice Interview section describes this preparatory process and provides tools and tips for you to be at your best. The Online Interavtive Practice Interview includes audio, video and hundreds of sample questions. So turn up your sound and practice those interview skills.