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Specialized Aero LLC

We are a small Texas business on the San Marcos Regional Airport conveniently located between San Antonio and Austin. We are in search of loyal, hardworking individuals looking for an opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills and who are excited to become part of our team! We are an FAA Repair Station with extensive in-house equipment and expertise providing us the ability to complete full-service maintenance and inspections onsite. This well-equipped facility ensures that parts and equipment entrusted to us, do not leave the expert hands of our technicians. This aids in ensuring we deliver high quality, efficient work for our customers. At the same, time giving us the ability to offer a multitude of additional services to our clients. Some of those include fabrication & repair, a variety of engineering and machining services, non-destructive testing and composite services and aircraft recovery and alterations. Complementing these is our incredible aircraft paint and interior refurbishment facility. Here you will find highly artistic and expertly skilled aviation paint and body technicians who are setting the industry standard. If you are looking for a job where you can stand out while enhancing your skills and expanding your knowledge and abilities in the aviation field, then we are the company for you! This is your chance to showcase your expertise and work ethic, while gaining exposure to skills and projects that would likely be out of reach with a larger company. If you bring a love for aviation and the desire to excel, along with a need for growing your skills and expertise and you have the ability to take initiative; you don't want to pass this up! This is an opportunity for you to get in with a small company! One that can lead to future advancement opportunities, as it places you in the position to become an integral part of establishing and growing with the company as it develops. Jump on this opportunity while the company is still small! Expand your marketability while earning income and exploring different aspects of aviation, moving you closer to discovering your true passion and likely up the ladder along the way.

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San Marcos, TX


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