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North Canton, Ohio
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The Kenan Advanatge Group

Kenan Advantage Group is North America’s largest tank truck transporter and logistics provider, delivering fuels, chemicals, specialty products, food products and industrial gases through unique operating platforms. KAG operates out of approximately 300 terminal and satellite locations throughout North America. We are the only independent fuels delivery carrier with a nationwide network, with operations in 40 states and the ability to deliver within all 48 continental United States, Canada and Mexico. Our Mission Our mission is to take every load, deliver it on time, without incident. Our Vision KAG will revolutionize transportation and logistics within the liquid bulk industry through its national scale, advanced technology and an uncompromising commitment to be the employer of choice. Statement of Values Safety and Security – Our uncompromising commitment for the safety and security of our employees, customers and general public will always come first. Employees – We are committed to delivering a better life to all who call KAG home. Our valued employees continually work to make KAG the most efficient company in the industry. We will provide exceptional training, development and inspiration to all employees. Customers – Equally important as all employees are our valued customers who are the primary focus of everything we do as a company. We will master execution of ALL internal processes so we deliver total service excellence. Competitiveness – We will operate efficiently by aggressively managing costs in all areas of our organization in order to be the market leader. Integrity – At all times we will conduct ourselves in a responsible manner to maintain the highest standard of ethics.

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North Canton, OH


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