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Clarksburg, West Virginia
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Stockmeier Urethanes, Inc.

STOCKMEIER Urethanes is dedicated to producing the highest quality urethane products and providing outstanding commercial and technical service at the best value to the customer. STOCKMEIER Urethanes believes in continuously improving our products, processes, and people in all areas of the company. We strive to meet or exceed customer expectations and to be recognized in the industry as a reliable, innovative, and trusted source of urethane products.STOCKMEIER Urethanes strives to create a positive and safe workplace with integrity, teamwork, respect, and order. It is our commitment to ensure that each employee reaches their potential and effectively works Interdependently with the team to fulfill STOCKMEIER Urethanes’ mission. We take pride in our corporate Core Values - Integrity, Teamwork, Ownership, Leadership, and Innovation. We're located in Clarksburg, WV, which provides it all! Close to nature, close to metro areas. Sports, arts, entertainment, as well as peace and quiet. We look forward to learning more about you!

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Clarksburg, WV


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