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Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Southwest Aviation Specialties

Southwest Aviation Specialties, LLC (SWAS) is a General Aviation MRO services company located in the Midwest. SWAS was founded in 1991 and has been in continuous operations since its founding. SWAS has grown to encompass all facets of general aviation maintenance and support to include; avionics installation and repair, line maintenance, full paint and interior, aircraft management and sales, FBO operations as well as consulting on various manufacturing and STC projects. SWAS is committed to providing the best working environment possible. With a commitment to its employee partners as well as the overall safety in aviation, SWAS provides a welcoming and supportive corporate attitude towards its employee partners. Being committed to safety, of its clients as well as its employees, SWAS provides all of the tools necessary to maintain and preform all of the tasks assigned in a safe and efficient manner. Since its founding, employee partners have always been the backbone of SWAS. SWAS continues its growth with its selection as a maintenance provide for a start up 135 fleet of Piaggio Avanti's in 135 operations. SWAS is seeking motivated professionals that are looking for a challenging work environment that is rewarding on a number of levels. Pay is competitive and the challenge of working with an innovative and growing company can be equally rewarding.

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