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Scott International Procedures

Scott International Procedures ScottIPC has trained tens of thousands of pilots over the past 15 years. We have a Curriculum Advisory Board of our most experienced clients and partners in the community who are constantly sharing their international flight experiences and how they compare to the regulations/guidance and Best Practices. The training curriculum is updated and revised as needed to capture the most relevant and applicable procedures and contingencies. ScottIPC continues to be the first and only International Procedures training vendor with a dynamic International Cockpit Reference Handbook iPad app designed expressly to be an integral tool in the classroom and in the cockpit. Scott IPC is heavily involved with industry leaders and governing bodies in identifying changes and areas of concern. Scott IPCs founders, together, have been a part of the aviation training community for many decades. The company encourages and fosters an environment of continued learning, betterment and increased service for its team to benefit the client base. Training Philosophy With a rapidly changing international environment, clients need "Best Practice" wisdom. Clients need to be confident that the information received in training is the very latest and most accurate available. Scott IPC makes a promise to their clients that it will provide this combination. We break down complex regulations to the real intended application and share that in all of our training courses. We are very committed to working with their clients on an ongoing basis outside of the classroom. Our training includes follow-on support and we are available to answer questions as the need arises after the training event, often fielding phone calls from multiple pilots throughout every day. The world of International Flight Operations is a resource-driven environment and Scott IPC focuses on equipping our clients with the ability to find anything anywhere to further their flights success.

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Ft Collins, CO


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