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North Star Aviation

Since 1991 North Star Aviation has been the FBO for the Mankato, Minnesota Regional Airport. Located just outside Mankato, North Star Aviation works in coordination with Minnesota State University – Mankato to provide a part 141 learning environment. We are also partnered with Bowling Green Flight Center based out of Bowling Green, Ohio as well as Premier Flight Center out of Springfield, Missouri. North Star Aviation has about 75 employees with 40+ being flight instructors and we are always looking to expand our passionate workforce. Along with that passion we offer a fun and fast paced learning environment. Mankato is the hub of south-central Minnesota and offers all the restaurants, bars, retail stores and fun your heart desires. There are also many small towns in the area with quick commutes to work if you like the small-town vibe. North Star Aviation also has an FAA approved maintenance facility that serves our fleet for the college as well as private customers. Services include: Turbine Maintenance Piston Maintenance Major and minor repairs, including sheet metal Annual Inspections Avionics Parts Shop And More! If you’re looking for your next opportunity and are passionate about what you do, come join us at North Star Aviation.

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