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Bessemer, Alabama
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Mid-South Avionics, Inc

Over the last seven years I have, with the help of my wife, Melissa Hart, built two very successful aviation maintenance businesses. I can proudly tell you that neither of our companies have any debt that carries over monthly and maintain our dealer relationships well. We have built our teams of 14 highly trained technicians with over 75 specialized training certificates and 160 combined years of experience. I started working in aviation 25 years ago in the Northeastern part of the country where at one point in my career was DOM of 48 aircraft and wrote hundreds of manuals for Part 135 Air Carrier companies. We have developed a very proficient team with the capabilities of carrying out any task required on an aircraft within the time frame quoted. I hear horror stories daily of how maintenance facilities keep client’s aircraft for unreasonable amounts of time or charging outrageous amounts of money for parts and labor. We feel strongly that word of mouth advertising is far more productive than any paid ad, without a happy client that wouldn’t happen. Company History Mid-South Avionics, Inc was founded in 1987 at TCL, Tuscaloosa Airport. Mid-South has been a FAA Certified Avionics Repair Station (ZY4R717M) for 31 years with no violations to date. In June of 2017 we decided to purchase Mid-South Avionics, Inc. and within one year moved the company to the KEKY facility as direct support for The Aircraft Maintenance Company, Inc (sister company). We proudly represent over 20 Avionics Dealerships including Collins Aerospace (formerly Rockwell Collins), Universal Avionics, Garmin, and Genesys.

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Bessemer, AL


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