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Line Up Aviation

Line Up is a world leader in aviation recruitment and is well known throughout the industry for its integrity, honesty and transparency. We provide fast, efficient and cost-effective solutions for the recruitment of aviation professionals on a contract or permanent basis. We seek to understand our clients and candidates needs in order to meet the changing demands of this fast paced industry. Clients and candidates alike, have enjoyed our unequalled service and a never ending desire to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. Line Up Aviation was founded in 1987 supplying aircraft engineers to local airports at Shoreham and Gatwick. The business incorporated as Line Up Ltd in October 1991 and continued to trade under the name Line Up Aviation. In May 2011 Ian Taylor completed the acquisition of the business whilst Matthew Allsop accepted the position of Finance Director and shareholder. After significant investments in people and technology Line Up has moved to the very forefront of recruitment in the aviation sector. The business has expanded into providing support and services to the whole international aviation community covering every type of job aviation companies have. In 2015 Line Up acquired a brand new modern office as their new UK headquarters. In 2017 we established a subsidiary company Line Up Aviation SRL followed by the opening of a new office in Milan, Italy to support and develop our clients there. The Line Up Group has developed into a major international specialist in aviation recruitment operating in 54 different countries throughout the world.

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