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General Aviation Mfg Asso (GAMA)

The General Aviation Manufacturers Assocaition (GAMA) is an international trade association representing over 100 of the world's leading manufacturers of general aviation airplanes and rotorcraft, engines, avionics, components and related services. GAMA's purpose is to foster and advance the general welfare, safety, interests and activities of the global business and general aviation industry. Through public policy advocacy, GAMA promotes a better understanding of general aviation manufacturing, maintenance, repair, and overhaul and the important role these industry segments play in economic growth and opportunity, and in serving the critical transportation needs of communities, companies and individuals worldwide. GAMA facilitates the establishment of appropriate technical policies necessary for safety and innovation including certification processes and regulatory requirements governing the design, production, and continued airworthiness of business and general aviation airplanes, rotorcraft and innovative technologies and products including electric propulsion systems and eVTOL/powered-lift aircraft and advanced air mobility.

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