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Fly Victor

Victor is an online marketplace for private jet charter. The innovative online portal presents transparent online bookings of private jets backed by experienced Customer Support Sales & Commercial and Operations team. Following its launch in August 2011, Victor has over 77,000 members and as an internet-based company sees no barriers to growth. Victor allows its customers to turn your journeys into a passion with 40,000 destinations right where they want to be. Vicror customers Fly on-demand with in-app booking, no upfront costs and their own private flight concierge. With our ‘free to use, free to choose’ marketplace, member have access to the widest array of private jets so that they can fly exactly when, where and how they want. We continue to grow and invest in the business supported by key strategic Partners, seeing us reach the highest ranking in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 for the third consecutive year. And we are helping to change the world we all live in too. Our Partnership with BP Target Neutral allows fliers to offset their carbon emissions and improve local livelihoods through a variety of incredible projects around the world.

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New York, NY


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