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Smyrna, Tennessee
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Contour Aviation

Founded in 1982, Corporate Flight Management (CFM) dba Contour is one of the country’s leading providers of aviation services. Contour diverse capabilities include Part 135/91 aircraft management and charter, two Fixed-Base Operations located in the Nashville, Tennessee area (KMQY and KJWN), a FAR Part 145 certified aircraft maintenance facility, an aircraft sales division and FAR 141 pilot and maintenance training. Our core values are at the heart of everything that we do and every decision we make. Constant throughout all of our lines of business is a commitment to integrity and safety. Our team members consistently display an attitude of excellence and the ability to think like a customer. At Contour, we recognize that there is strength in unity and work together as a team to accomplish our ambitious goals. We strive to provide a work environment that makes it possible for of our team members to learn and grow both personally and professionally. Our rapid growth has created exciting employment opportunities. We invite you to become part of the Contour family.

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Smyrna, TN


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