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Epsom, Surrey
United Kingdom
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Brookfield Aviation Int.

Brookfield Aviation is the world's leading supplier of pilots, engineers, and human resource solutions to the aviation industry worldwide. Since our establishment in 1993 our track record for fast response and delivery of specialist skills at very short notice is second to none and our services are utilised world-wide by airlines, aircraft leasing companies, training and maintenance organisations. We go to great lengths to meet any requirement that our clients present, either on short, medium or long-term assignment. With our ability to provide at short notice, a wide range of well qualified and very experienced flight crew/maintenance personnel for most western aircraft, we help complement our clients' permanent staff, whilst new aircraft are implemented into fleets or type conversion training is completed. This also allows clients to take up opportunities relating to unscheduled workloads and demands for additional staff during peak season operations. We have also worked with newly established operators supplying them with qualified and experienced crews, instructors and examiners, highly skilled and experienced engineering personnel, providing and helping with all relevant documentation.We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service with proper care and attention to clients and personnel alike. We give sound advice, offer interesting and challenging assignments, on-time payments, personal attention and continuity of work to individual pilots and maintenance personnel. Our past has seen phenomenal growth and our future looks brighter as each year passes by. We continually move further out into the world, and the better known we become, the more client airlines have the desire to utilise our services, corresponding with more flight crew/maintenance personnel wishing to work for us.Longevity brings stability, and it is this stability that more and more clients, flight crew and maintenance personnel have come to rely on.

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FAA Licensed B737 NG Captains... Urgent

Prague, Praha, Czech Republic


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