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Few professions require more responsibility and technical knowledge than aviation. Whether you are interested in training to become a pilot or preparing for management roles in the industry, Averett University has the aviation degree program for you. We offer a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Management with two concentration options: Aviation Business Flight Operations If you are interested in a law enforcement-related aviation career, you can also earn a joint Aerospace Management/Criminal Justice degree. FAA-Certified Part 141 Flight School As part of our Aeronautics degree offerings, Averett University operates an FAA-approved Part 141 flight school offering classes for the following certifications: Private Pilot Certificate Commercial Pilot Certificate Flight Instructor Certificate Flight Instructor Instrument Certificate Instrument Rating Certificate Additional Aircraft Category or Class Rating Certificates Students in any major who meet the physical requirements may choose to take flying lessons with us. We are also qualified to offer graduates of our flight programs the opportunity to earn an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate with Reduced Aeronautical Experience. Course Topics for the Aeronautics Degree All students, regardless of concentration, take the following core courses: Introduction to the Aerospace Industry Aerospace Safety National Aerospace System Aerospace Transportation Airport Management In the Flight Operations concentration, students take a full suite of practical flight courses designed to prepare them for Commercial Pilot licensing and an Instrument Rating. Additionally, students may opt to pursue either a Flight Instructor rating or Multi-Engine rating before the end of their program. In the Aviation Business concentration, students take general business administration courses and specialized aviation management classes. Topics include: Aerospace Accident Investigation General Aviation Management Aviation Security Operations Airline Management Human Factors in the Aerospace Industry Airport Planning and Design Airline Business Strategy Simulation Aviation Business students also take on an internship within the industry, allowing them to gain practical experience and begin developing a professional network. For a full list of courses related to this major, please see our course catalog. Admission to the Aerospace Management program is highly selective and continuation requires a high degree of integrity and commitment to safety. For more information about Averett University and our programs, contact us or apply now and get started on your career today!

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