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Features That Work for You

See why hiring managers and recruiters love using Avjobs.
Features That Work for You

Reach candidates easily, Receive resumes directly, Contact applicants instantly.

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Post Jobs Easily

Job posting


Avjobs postings reach aviation professionals

On the Avjobs Network
Through Syndication
Through email distribution
Your Careers Mini Site
On other aviation sites
On other job sites
On mobile devices

Post Unlimited Jobs Easily

Post, promote, refresh, edit, change, or expire job postings as often as you want.

  • Advertise & manage unlimited job postings
  • Refresh, edit, duplicate, archive and reactivate jobs at any time
  • Automated job refresh
  • Receive unlimited applicant response
  • Automated and Bulk Loading

Applicant Management

View Resumes when registered candidates view or apply and contact them directly.

  • Receive resumes by email, website or ATS
  • Browse and download candidate lists
  • Unlimited messaging to applicants
  • Personalized Resume feed
  • Print, save and download resumes
  • Print, save and download job applications
  • Download applicant VCF


Job posting guidance, salary information and widgets for your website.

  • Newsletter insertion
  • Personalized job feed
  • Job Performance Reports
  • Job Grader
  • Sample job descriptions
  • Job Widget for Your Website
  • Best Practice Documentation

Job Management

Job management tools make it easy to edit, refresh, copy, compare, improve and even promote your job postings.

Job matching technology links candidates matched to appropriate positions automatically, based on experience, skills, and preferences in their resumes and master profiles.

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Avjobs is built around the core tasks of advertising job availability, sourcing aviation resumes, and connecting with qualified candidates.

Hosted Careers Mini Site

Employer Branding & Job Advertising

Your Dynamic Careers Mini Site begins working for you the moment your account is created. Visitors get updates about your company, products, services and employment opportunities. Your page also allows visitors to view, apply, like and share your jobs.

Quickly personalize your page by adding your company logo or branding image, job announcements, news updates, RSS from your site, social links and keywords. Careers Mini Site Pages give applicants insight into your company, create a positive candidate experience and build your talent brand.


Hosted Careers Mini Site

Career details and job information

Personalize your page, attract applicants, post jobs and company updates to drive applications.

  • Significantly increase resume capture
  • Receive unlimited applicant response
  • Track engagement with Career Site Performance Reports


View Resumes when registered candidates view or apply.

  • Manage career page header image
  • Manage/Edit company description
  • Manage links
  • Manage keywords

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Self service account management. All plans include unlimited user accounts.

Unlimited User Accounts

Unlimited User Accounts

All plans include unlimited user accounts

Runaway costs, up-charges, and a la carte pricing menus can quickly destroy any business budget. Plus, they can inhibit rather than encourage using the service the way you need to. So we bucked the system and took out all the stops. The results are unlimited plans that thoroughly says "peace-of-mind."

No more guessing about how much the next job posting will cost or the number of users you can have.

Create user accounts for co-workers across the hall or across the country.

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Archive Job Postings for Future Use. Reactivate your postings anytime.

Job Archive and Retrieval

The Archive is long term storage for your filled jobs

For your convenience, expired job postings are retained for up to 2 years from their archive date.


Archived job postings are indexed and searchable to you, but are NOT visible to job seekers. Never loose your job descriptions; view, edit and reactivate expired postings at any time.

Job Archive and Retrieval

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Deliver your message to newsletter subscribers, feed your Hosted Careers Mini Site and get included in aviation news headline search and aggregation services.

Unlimited Newsletter Insertion

Newsletter Insertion

Get your message out to the right people

Posting company updates is the most effective way to start a conversation, and create word of mouth for your business and your job postings. Reach aviation professionals with information about your products and services. The news insertion service delivers your message to our newsletter subscribers and aviation professionals around the world. Your posts are also included on our sister site AvjobsWeekly.com, and syndicated through our aviation news headline search and aggregation service.

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Maximize your recruiting efforts with resume search to pin-point and contact the perfect candidates faster.

Unlimited Resume Search

Need to search resumes?

Optimize both how and who you hire with access our exclusive resume database and start sourcing aviation professionals immediately. Search keyword(s), location, education, skill-set, category and more. Drill deep into a candidate's background to uncover employment history and specific duties, achievements, salary history, supervisor's names, education and training, license and certifications, special awards and honors, and employment verification contacts. Pull supplemental detail for Pilots and Mechanics including type ratings and PIC and SIC time that traditional resumes do not provide.

Contact candidates directly to begin your recruiting process. Print, download or save resumes online along with personalized notes for current and future vacancies. Contact any registered user at any time.

Resume Search

Resume (Summary View)

Avjobs applicant resumes are clean and nice, and clearly convey the story of why the applicant would be a great hire. You can download, print or save resumes for future use.

Job Application (Detail View)

Candidates are asked to complete a master job application that provides an in-depth, multi-dimensional view of candidate credentials that traditional resumes just don't provide.

Resume (Summary View)
Job Application (Detail View)

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Employers listing on Avjobs love that they're getting a targeted audience for their aviation job ads.