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Please use this application to be considered for any Part Time/Per-Diem opportunities located throughout the United States. This position provides an exceptional level of personal services to ensure the safety and comfort of aircraft passengers during flight. Greets passengers explains use of safety equipment and serves food and beverages.


  • Direct and assist passengers in the event of an emergency.
  • Verify that first aid kits and other emergency equipment including fire extinguishers and oxygen bottles are in working order.
  • Secure the cabin – adhering to federal regulations prior to take-off and landing.
  • Administer basic first aid to passengers in distress. ie: CPR AED First Aid
  • Reassure passengers when situations such as turbulence are encountered.
  • Greet passengers and assist with their personal belongings.
  • Assist passengers while entering or disembarking the aircraft. Determine special assistance needs of small children the elderly or disabled passengers.
  • Perform preflight briefings.
  • Check to ensure that food beverages blankets/bedding reading material emergency equipment and other supplies are on board and are in adequate supply for the trip and amount of passengers.
  • Facilitate and manage passenger’s requests for food and drinks.
  • Shop for any/all items the passengers have specially requested to be on board for their flight.
  • Prep and prepare food for passengers and crew.
  • Inspect clean and stock the cabin galley lavatories and flight deck after every leg.
  • Ensure that the aircraft is ALWAYS prepared for a flight: cleaned and stocked.
  • Complete preflight in-flight and post flight paperwork.
  • Conduct periodic trips through the cabin to ensure passenger comfort and maintain cabin cleanliness.
  • Operate audio and video systems.


  • Knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations.
  • First Aid Training Certification.
  • 2 years’ experience as a Corporate Flight Attendant or 5 years Flight Attendant experience with a major airline.
  • Flight attendant specific training from FlightSafety FACTs or similar is preferred. Annual recurrent training is required. Candidates without formal flight attendant training may be considered based on other qualification but must attend initial flight attendant training course prior to flight assignment. Preference shown to candidates who have completed FlightSafety FACTs or similar training within the past 12 months.
  • Excellent Interpersonal and Customer Service Skills.
  • College degree preferred.
  • Ability to speak one or more foreign languages fluently a plus.
  • Culinary Skills.
  • Able to manage a constantly changing schedule.
  • Available to fly on short notice (2-3 hour response if on Standby).
  • Unrestricted ability to travel worldwide (consider health and visa status).
  • Able to deploy for up to 16 consecutive days.
  • Operation of all features of the Cabin Management Systems.
  • Operation of all galley equipment.
  • Operation of all cabin features to include berthing seats and configuring the divan into a bed.


  1. Seeing: Vision is required to be correctable to 20/20 or better with glasses or contact lenses (uncorrected no worse than 20/20). Must be able to read reports charts manage post-flight paperwork and to use a computer smartphone and/or iPad device.
  2. Hearing/Speaking: Must be able to speak clearly. Must be able to hear well enough to communicate over the phone in and person with clients and co-workers/pilots when the aircraft is in flight.
  3. Standing/Walking: Must be physically capable and strong enough to walk and stand without assistance. Must be able to stand for up to 14 hours with limited ability to sit and be able to work long hours in various climates.
  4. Climbing/Stooping/Kneeling/Bending: Must be able to kneel in luggage compartment load trip AC supplies and luggage as well as maneuver in tight confinements within the aircraft.
  5. Fingering/Grasping/Feeling/Strength: Must be able to push open/pull closed the main cabin door which weighs up to 130 pounds must also be able to write type use a computer and a phone as well as prepare/cook and serve guest food and beverages. Must be able to lift supplies weighing approximately 25 to 30 pounds from floor level to waist high repeatedly.


Normal Aircraft working conditions with moderate noise level.

Flight Coordinator U.S. Based - Petaluma CA

Flight Coordinator US Based - Petaluma CA

Flight Coordinator US Based - Petaluma CA

Flight Coordinator US Based - Petaluma CA

Flight Coordinator US Based - Petaluma CA

Flight Coordinator US Based - Petaluma CA

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Charter Sales Director Outside Sales - Petaluma CA

Solairus Aviation is raising the bar in the aircraft charter and aviation asset management industries. Founded by an accomplished executive leadership team, Solairus is focused on delivering exceptional private jet charter flight services and outstanding asset optimization solutions that truly go above and beyond standard offerings. The company is comprised of a passionate group of flight and aircraft specialists who are focused on exceeding the expectations of our clients and redefining integrated private jet services. Solairus Aviation is a US-based aviation services company whose core business is assisting owners with the safe, reliable, and economical operation of their aircraft. We accomplish this by using systems, processes, and procedures developed and honed throughout thirty plus years in the industry. Our services are customized to meet your individual travel and financial requirements, and to support your flight operation with the highest standards of safety and personalized service, regardless of the location of the private jet.

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