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Lear 31A First Officers

Juneau, Alaska
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Job Description:

Currently seeking qualified Lear 31/A First Officers for an EMS operation based in Juneau, Alaska.

Competitive pay and schedule. Group health, vision, and dental benefits offered.

Job Requirements:

Required Qualification:

Must have excellent interpersonal skills.

Must have professional communication skills.

Must have excellent skill in piloting, crew resource management, and customer relations.

Must be able to operate the aircraft safely in accordance with applicable regulations, company policies

and company procedures with minimal supervision.

Must be able to perform flights in day, night, and all weather conditions.

Must possess a current passport.

Required Minimum Flight Experience:

FAA Commercial Certificate with Multiengine and Instrument Rating (must obtain ATP multi engine

within 12 months of assignment as Lear SIC).

FAA First Class Medical.

2500 Hours Total Time.

1000 Hours Multi-Engine PIC.

500 Turbojet (waved for pilots employed by Program for at least one year.)

200 Hours Instrument.

200 Hours Night.

6 Months and 150 Hours in Alaska or equivalent experience.

Preferred Experience:

Previous LR-Jet experience

Previous EMS experience

Job Type: Full-time

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Created: Jan 9 2017

Please reference Avjobs when applying for this position.

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If you are interested in the most exciting, fun and challenging job of your life then you have come to the right place. The crew of Classic Air Medical is a fun-loving, brilliant and very skilled group of individuals. Each crew member brings something unique to the group creating an atmosphere of growth and learning. In combination with the spectacular geography it is truly a one of a kind experience. We are always seeking professional individuals who are confident in their skills. We fly critically ill and injured patients to trauma centers with very high expectations. Our flight times can be greater than one hour depending upon the scene location and closest appropriate facility. When a position opens up, we will let you know.

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