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Aviation Maintenance Program Coordinator

Houston, Texas
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Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) - Our Company commenced operations in 1969 and the first aviation maintenance campus opened in 1992 in Norfolk, VA. All AIM schools are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. Over the past 25 years, this group of schools has expanded to eleven campuses throughout the country in such locations as Las Vegas, Nevada; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Kansas City, Missouri; Houston, Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana, and the metro areas of San Francisco, California; Orlando, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; Washington, DC; and Virginia Beach, Virginia, where our corporate offices are also located.

At AIM , we are always looking for qualified and experienced individuals that can pass along their skills at our campuses to future Aviation Maintenance Technicians to prepare them for a career in the aviation industry. We currently have an opening for a Program Coordinator at our Houston, TX campus.

This position is responsible for daily operation, education integrity and procedural compliance of the Aviation Maintenance Program.


  • Serve as the liaison between the Aviation Maintenance Degree Program and the Director of Education.
  • Serve as an Instructor when class size, or instructor absence, necessitates.
  • Audit all Aviation Maintenance Program curricula to ensure that instructors are using the most current syllabi, lesson plans, and textbooks as indicated on the intranet site.
  • Ensure that the Aviation Program operates in compliance with the regulatory agencies governing our schools.
  • Provide academic advising services to Aviation maintenance Program students.
  • Conduct formal classroom and shop observations, and report to the Director of Education.
  • Conduct Student Evaluation of Instruction surveys, and submit results to the Director of Education.
  • Take an active role in the interview process for new instructors.
  • Assist the Director of Education in the creation, monitoring, and updating of Faculty Personnel Report (FPR) for each Aviation Maintenance degree instructor.
  • Assist the Director of Education in the creation, monitoring, and the updating of Staff Personnel Report (SPR) for each Aviation maintenance instructional team member.
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA and other workplace safety regulatory agencies.
  • Monitor student performance on required projects to ensure proper completion and compliance with the Aviation Maintenance Curriculum. Report any deficiencies to the Instructor and to the Director of Education.
  • Work with the Director of Education to design and fabricate training aids that will help meet the requirements of the Aviation Maintenance Curriculum.


  • Must have an educational background equal to or exceeding the maximum credential offered by the school.
  • Must have a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certificate.
  • Must have at least 3 years hands-on experience in Aviation Maintenance repair and installation.
  • Prefer at least 3 years teaching/training experience, with a minimum of one year at an Aviation Institute of Maintenance campus.
  • Appropriate educational administration experience and competence necessary to lead and manage the school’s instructional program(s).
  • Must be able to work evening hours.

If you have such prior experience and meet the above qualifications, then call me at 713-644-7777, and ask to speak to C.E. Aiken. Call me first! I will explain the position to you and answer any pertinent questions that you might have.

Please reference Avjobs when applying for this position.

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The Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) is part of a successful group of companies, which first began in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1969. We have maintained a tradition of excellence in education throughout our expansion of aviation career schools over more than four decades.