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Passenger Service Supervisor

Purchase, New York
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Position Summary: PSR Supervisor oversees PSR schedule, daily passenger operation, onboard Ground Ops equipment; orders PSR uniforms; reviews PSR Reports and addresses items requiring attention. PSR Supervisor is also required to be involved in special projects, ground handling arrangements for private and military charter flights. PSR Supervisor communicates with PSR Schedulers; monitors and actions schedule changes.

Values and Behavioral Standards: To ensure the effective communication and application of company values and behavioral standards, as stated in our company “Code of Conduct” policy, and to respond appropriately in the event of any known departure.

Major Job Accountabilities:

-Performs job duties in a timely and professional manner.

-Communicates with Manager Passenger Operations, GCC, customer and vendor representatives.

-Oversees the PSR Schedule daily to ensure all flights are covered.

-Follows daily flight schedule, and actions on any issues related with PSR duties.

-Keeps track and maintenance status of onboard Ground Ops equipment.

-Orders supplies for onboard Ground Ops equipment.

-Maintains PSR Contact List.

-Tracks, reviews and follows through PSR Reports on a daily basis.

-Attends all required meetings.

-Reports all PSR related issues to the Manager Passenger Operations.

-Investigates and responds to AMC violations and Flight Crew Reports.

-Tracks down the ground handling invoices from vendors at stations.

-Responsible for overall supervision and improvement of PSR services.

-Oversees payload input on both AIMS and PSR Schedule.

-Communicates private and military charter requirements with the PSRs on particular flights.

-Interacts with all customers and internal departments to ensure PSRs have clear directions and expectations.

-Performs other duties as assigned.


-Prior experience as a PSR/LPSR -Proven success in performing all PSR/LPSR duties and responsibilities.

-No noted deficiencies in the most current Employee Performance or LPSR Evaluations.

-Ability to take initiative on a given task, and persist with the task to its completion.

-Able to identify problems and their sources. While not necessarily accountable for the solutions, the individual must be able to identify potential resources to help in the decision making process for a particular problem.

-Ability to manage one's own time to ensure that the work that needs to be accomplished in a given time frame is in fact accomplished.

-Ability to prioritize the work provided by others in terms of importance is imperative to this position.

-Ability to give direction and communicate with other coordinators and prioritize the work that they need to complete.

-Ability to actively listen.

-Ability to process information from a variety of sources and articulate information in a meaningful way to one's co-workers or supervisors is critical to this position.

-Must have a strong understanding of clerical and administrative principles, procedures and systems to complete one's work with best available resources, strategies and plan.

-Must have a strong command of English language including grammar, style and punctuation for any written correspondence and communication.

-Proficient in SABLE Weight and Balance.

-When necessary, the ability to understand and communicate within a technical or specialized subject matter, particularly as it pertains to aviation and the aviation industry.

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Atlas Air Worldwide is a recognized leader in international aviation outsourcing. Through Atlas Air, Inc., Polar Air Cargo Worldwide, Inc. and Titan Aviation Leasing, we deliver innovative, value-added services, reliability and superior performance to ACMI, CMI, dry-leasing and charter customers worldwide. An eminent force in global cargo operations, our know-how and expertise extend to the passenger market, operating both VIP and high-density flights. With the world’s largest fleet of B747 freighters, including the new-technology 747-8F, our B747 passenger solutions and our complementary B767 cargo and passenger services, we celebrate our 20th anniversary ready to empower our customers to capitalize on market-growth opportunities ahead. Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings is an equal opportunity employer that promotes diversity in the workplace.

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