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Warren Tech North

Warren Tech is the premier Career and Technical Education (CTE) center for Jefferson County Public Schools. An educational and technological leader, Warren Tech integrates academics in career and technical education, preparing students for both college and career. Warren Tech students are engaged and committed to their programs, which is evidenced by a 93% attendance rate, 96% graduation rate, and a 97% program completion rate. Virtually all programs offer academic credit in 11th or 12th grade math, science, and English, which counts toward their graduation. AP coursework is also offered by some programs. Another hallmark of Warren Tech's success is the college credit awarded to our students each year. Last year, our students earned nearly 13,000 Red Rocks Community College credits. A large number of students attend colleges and universities after finishing Warren Tech, and some students have even earned an Associate's degree in a Warren Tech program before they finish high school. Warren Tech students also earn industry certifications through their coursework and participate in client work, internships, and job shadows with industry partners. Warren Tech students competitively meet the challenges of the global community.

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