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Hillsborough, New Jersey
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TriState Aviation

TriState Aviation is a Flight School/FBO that began operations in 2014 at a general aviation airport (47N) which is located between Philadelphia and Manhattan. Our location is perfect to entice people to purchase a discovery package that provides one hour of flight time with the opportunity to circle the Statute of Liberty before heading back to home base. Currently we have over a dozen planes in our program used for all levels of flight training. Our fleet is comprised mostly of C172's, but we also have a 182's, Arrows, and a Senica for students to complete all requirements/endorsements to obtain private pilot licenses, instrument rating, complex endorsements and multi-engine training. We are very, very busy!!! Contact us today to learn more about our flight school and th benefits of joining our team.If you're looking to build time for a career with an airline or any other position that requires a significant amount of air time - this is where you want to be!

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Flight Instructor

Hillsborough, NJ


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