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Danbury, Connecticut
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Eagle Air, Inc. is an Aircraft Management & Private Charter company operating out of NY/CT since 1997. We fly Beechcraft King Air 90 and King Air 350 models for charter and manage other private aircraft Part 91. As we are in close proximity to the NYC area, we are a busy operation - especially in the summer months where we fly to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard several times a weekend While Eagle Air provides on-demand flights for an upscale and diverse clientele, we also focus on the quality of life of our pilots. Most charters will have our pilots sleeping in their own bed each night, rather than spending endless nights on the road away from family and friends. At Eagle Air, safety comes first. All our PICs are Flight Safety trained. W e typically have about 25 employees and our ops team works closely with our flight crews, so our pilots never feel like they are flying solo. Eagle Air is currently in a growth phase and we are actively looking for pilots who are looking to step out of the airline grind and into the private charter world. Come join us!

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King Air 200 & 350 Pilot

Danbury, CT


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