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About Comply365 Comply365 is comprised of passionate entrepreneurs striving to change the world by helping businesses fully leverage digital content and technology. We provide a secure enterprise platform with a suite of mobile adaptive apps that offer the same mobile convenience users are accustomed to in their personal lives, creating a digital workplace. Comply365 gives companies the agility, speed and intelligence they need to gain a competitive edge. Led by CEO Kerry Frank, Comply365 played an instrumental role in the FAA’s approval of replacing pilots’ traditional heavy, paper-based flight bags with tablets in the flight decks. While we revolutionized the flight deck of airlines around the globe with our aviation software, we didn’t stop with pilots. We’ve replicated that success with years of innovative software development to spread across the entire enterprise with more than 525,000 users in aviation, transportation, energy and education. Our software remains crucial to daily operations—our users logged nearly three-quarters of a billion transactions on our software in 2016. We’re proud to call 11 Fortune500 companies our clients. Imagine a thoroughly mobile and connected enterprise. We have. As a leading mobile SaaS company, Comply365 now offers Enterprise Management, Remote Workforce Management, Business Intelligence, Training & Compliance Management and Quality & Safety Management solutions. Our solutions help companies streamline manual, time-consuming processes and make compliance and training easy. We build relationships with our clients unlike most service providers, and our clients excitedly share with us new ways they’re using our software to save money, reduce risk, save time and deliver a better customer experience. Our software solutions are only part of how we help our clients navigate the digital revolution. Kerry and her husband Dude, our Solution Evangelist, are innovators and team builders at heart, starting Comply365 in the basement of their home in 2007 by consulting for airlines. This foundation that the company was built on continues today with an expert team of consultants who bring decades of experience in our clients’ industries to help them navigate their digital journeys. Our Professional Services team leverage their knowledge to develop complete digital strategies or offer a fresh set of eyes on existing plans. Throughout our tremendous growth and success, Comply365’s culture of a warrior’s spirit, servant’s heart and sense of urgency have never wavered. Our reputation is built on incredible customer service, powerful, easy-to-use solutions and delivering on our promises “and then some.” We are thrilled to see clients truly love our solutions and the impact it has on them and their organizations. We delight in seeing how our transformations quickly spark a drive within our clients to find new ways to innovate. Our talented, experienced team believes in our mission—to make life easier for our customers. We are warriors in delivering results; servants at heart; and we enjoy our work and life. We continue to build solutions that truly make a difference. The best is yet to come.

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