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Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Aviation Institute of Maintenance

Avaition instutite of maintenance (AIM) is part of a successful group of companies, which first began in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1969 and has grown to become a network of AIM campuses across the nation. We have maintained a tradition of excellence in education and workforce development throughout the expansion over more than four decades. AIM is well-known for providing high quality, hands-on training to our students in Aviation Maintenance programs. But as time went on, we saw other industry leaders demanding similar skills our aviation students have after graduating. To fill that need, we went beyond aviation to develop related industry technician programs. Find A Campus Near You Atlanta, Georgia - Metro Charlotte, NC Chicago, IL Dallas, Texas - Metro Fremont, California Houston, Texas Indianapolis, Indiana Kansas City, Missouri Las Vegas, Nevada Orlando, Florida - Metro Norfolk, Virginia Northern Virginia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Teterboro, New Jersey For more information, please call 888.349.5387 or visit www.aviationmaintenance.edu.

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